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Navtex crisis between Turkey and Greece

23.7.2020 17:18:22
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Navtex crisis between Turkey and Greece

For the drilling activities with Oruc Reis ship in the Aegean Sea, Turkey declared Navtex between Rhodes and Kastelorizo Islands.

For the drilling activities with Oruc Reis ship in the Aegean Sea, Turkey declared Navtex between Rhodes and Kastelorizo ??Islands. After this declaration, Greece published a new Navtex in the same area. Thereupon, Turkey, gave a commitment by announcing two more Navtex messages.

In the Eastern Mediterranean island of Rhodes that took place between Meise and around Greece and Turkey "Navtex" (sea communication announcement) takes the tension. Turkey declared Navtex in the area comprising the islands of Rhodes and Kastelorizo ??in the previous day. With the announcement of Navtex, it was stated that the Orru Reis Research Ship, Ataman Supply Ship and Cengizhan Transport Ship will operate between 21 June and 2 August 2020. Greece then alarmed his navy. While around 20 warships belonging to the Turkish Navy from the Aksaz Naval Base moved to the region, the F-16s of the Turkish Armed Forces flew around Meis Island. Greek warplanes also flew around Meis.

After Turkey's declaration, Greece also published Naxtex in the same area. However, Turkey's commitment against this step was that the Turkish Naval Forces of Oceanography, Hydrography and Navigation Department, announced two more Navtex proclamations in the previous night. In the new announcement, “It was published by the unauthorized station in the Turkish Navtex Service area. It is the Antalya Station authorized to broadcast in the region ”. Turkey, which still applies to a previous ad Navtex, emphasized that the station continued to broadcast from Antalya.

"Cyprus" stated in the Larnaca Radio navtex announcement is not the same as the state established in 1960. Therefore, Turkey, Cyprus' no extent or form of recognition of the Greek Cypriot Administration The designation or Turkey's rights arising from the establishment agreement with warranty agreement in 1960 and declares that it will not mean to harm their obligations. Management of Greek Cypriot, with the Navtex announcement of  Larnaca Radio MA46-266/20, their unlawful legitimize claims with this NAVTEX announcement is invalid and was not accepted by Turkey." was the message.

'Islands cannot have a Continental Shelf'

The experts evaluated the Navtex announcement as follows.

Retired Admiral Cem Gürdeniz: Turkey, when to do an activity on its continental shelf and in open sea areas, announces it with the Navtex. Greece to avoid it, even though it is not classified Navtex powers in the region, it turns out the Navtex announcements to Turkey.

Turkey declared this Navtex, a move that will determine its future in the eastern Mediterranean. Step back should not be taken. Turkey, the UN gave the coordinates of the continental shelf on November 29, 2019. At this point, Turkey is a step ahead of Greece. Secondly, Turkey is using the right to use licenses given in 2012, out of Navtex in offshore areas. Third-made seismic survey in Turkey in October 2018. I wish that Greece made a mistake, does not correspond with Turkey's firepower to this initiative. Then Turkey's right to self-defense arises.

Mediterranean Security Center (CEMES) President Dr. Nurşin Ateşoğlu Güney: Navtex is a communication system where the activity announcement is made by saying 'I am, to your attention' in a certain area with maritime terminology. Greece has long been opposed to Turkey's drilling activities. Turkey would always act in accordance with international law. Turkey does not do anything contrary to international law. But Greece and the Greek Cypriot Administration, it detects different, by the European Union to take the rear, Turkey is trying to imprison a certain area. Turkey with its purposeful stance; With the license granted to the Turkish Petroleum Corporation from the Turkish Republic of Northern Kırbırs in 2011 and the Libyan agreement, it reversed the map of Seville, which was imposed by Greece step by step. Greece's claim; the island where the continental shelf, so that around the island of Meis does not want Turkey to operate. But Turkey does not accept this. Turkey is a country with the longest coast on the Mediterranean. When looking at the international practices, it is revealed that the islands do not have the continental shelf that refutes the claims of Greece.

Turkey two steps ahead

The Greek army was alarmed after Turkey's Navtex ads. Retired admiral Cem Gürdeniz, the inventor of the Blue Homeland doctrine, evaluated the developments. Gürdeniz "Greece is living in a dream world. The only thing to do in Greece to accept that Turkey is right, and try to compromise with Turkey through diplomatic means. In the opposite direction will disrupt the peace and stability in every step of the region," he said.


Gürdeniz continued to say: Turkey is two steps ahead of Greece in accordance with international law. First, the sea area where the ship was doing research, within the Memorandum of Understanding with Turkey November 29, 2019 in Libya, the UN reported that the continental shelf boundary. Second, Turkey Petroleum to this region by the Turkish government in 2012, is within the scope of the license granted to the Joint Stock Companies. This is the second move in accordance with international law in Turkey. The region between Meis and Rhodes is in the Navtex message announced by the Navy Navigation Hydrography and Oceanography office the day before. In this region, Turkey had carried out seismic studies in 2018. However, after the historical maritime agreement with Libya, this region will be researched for the first time. It is the expression of her living in a dream world by reacting to a new Navtex by responding to the Greece Navtex message. "

Navtex ads with messages from Turkish Armed Forces (TAF)

Between 29-30 May, the Turkish Navy conducted an exercise in the region by declaring Navtex in four different areas in the south of Crete, saying "What a Happy Turk I Say". On 25 June, Navtex was declared in three different areas in the south of Crete in the form of “Effective, Deterrent, Respectable”, which is the password of the TAF.

While there are many warships and planes belonging to the TAF in the region declared as Navtex, the seismic research ship Oruç Reis is expected to arrive in the region after making the last preparations in Antalya.

What is Navtex?

Navtex is a communication device system that provides seafarers with information about meteorology forecasts, cruise information, urgency, safety, and the areas that work at sea. Countries' Navy informs about the training and drills to be carried out in the sea in this way and warns not to enter these fields.

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