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Blue Cruise


Your dream vacation - your boating vacation - your blue cruise!

When Cevat Sakir christened his excursions along the coast of Bodrum “Blue Cruise”, he could not have known that he would create a completely new type of vacation. If you feel like discovering Turkey and its varied coastline in a completely different way, a blue cruise is just right for you.

Freedom in Turkish

You do not need your own yacht to explore the 2,500 km long coastline that lies between the Dardanelles town of Çanakkale and Antakya on the Syrian border: the Blue Voyage was invented for the most beautiful coastal stretches of Turkey, for the Lycian and Turquoise coasts. So packed your bags and off you go on a fascinating journey along the Turkish coast.

A "Blue Cruise" helps you to get a cabin on a gulet, a well-designed, mostly motor-driven, wooden ship. These wooden ships are built in Turkey and enable you to head for remote bays away from the tourist crowds. Take a break from everyday life on your Turkey vacation and relax on deck while the gulet takes you to sandy beaches or small islands that were inaccessible from land. Decide for yourself where the blue voyage should go or follow a previously agreed route - the freedom to swim where you want is yours in any case.

Pure enjoyment in Turkey

In the silence at sea you can recharge your batteries for possible excursions on land. Use the blue voyage in Turkey to explore dreamy fishing towns or to immerse yourself in the more turbulent bazaar bustle of Antalya or Marmaris. The exciting cultural heritage of Turkey, at the interface of Asia and Europe, is waiting to be discovered by you. Ancient temples, amphitheaters, Lycian rock tombs and castles of crusader orders next to mosques or an oriental bazaar, this mixture will make your Blue Tour in Turkey an unforgettable experience. An indispensable component and the icing on the cake of the holiday flair is of course the local cuisine. The culinary pleasure on board makes your Turkey vacation perfect. Here you will be spoiled with the specialties of Turkish cuisine, prepared with many herbs and olive oil, fresh regional vegetables, meat or fish taste particularly good in the sea air. And then a raki on deck at sunset, this slightly milky aniseed schnapps with water and ice, rounds off your Blue Voyage vacation day.

Blue journeys offer relaxation and activity

There are countless beautiful landscapes in the Mediterranean. The best way to travel the Mediterranean Sea is to explore it with a motor sailer, known as a gulet. A blue journey takes you through the most beautiful areas of the Mediterranean; Routes in Greece, Croatia and Turkey are selectable. Regardless of the area in which you undertake your Blue Journey: this journey will remain unforgettable!

Individual cabins can be booked for singles, couples or families as a so-called berth charter. For group trips with large families, friends, clubs or businesses, we offer complete ships in various sizes for sole use.

The travel period is between April and October. Even in the high season we can find quiet bays away from mass tourism on our Blue Journeys. We move with the ship from bay to bay, the experienced crew is very familiar with the sailing areas. They know the most beautiful berths and get there safely. In the off-season after the school holidays you are more to yourself, most of the tourists have already left, the water is still nice and warm and the temperatures are not as high as in the summer months. The ship is completely managed by the crew, so the guests spend an absolutely relaxed holiday here.

The tours on the motor sailers offer relaxation and activity at the same time. Allow enough time for swimming, snorkeling or fishing. The relaxed route planning means that there is always enough time for a stopover. The spacious sunbathing areas on the ships and the equipment on board invite you to relax. The evenings on the ships crown the days with wonderful Mediterranean culinary delights and refreshing drinks. The atmosphere on board at sunset, freshly caught fish and good drinks is hard to beat. The common interest of the fellow travelers, the love of the beauty of nature, often quickly leads to sympathies and contacts. The Blue Voyage is the ideal way to spend a vacation for all nature lovers and those looking for relaxation. The places and views that the Blue Voyage reaches with the gulet are unique and cannot be admired from anywhere else. Please note that most of the time on the Blue Journey, the engine is used.

Wonderful days on the sea

You cruise from bay to bay, drop anchor where it is most beautiful. Where the water is clear and the air is warm. Our gulets, traditionally built motor sailers, take everyone to the dream beaches of the Mediterranean. There you will find bays and anchorages that you can only reach by ship, the crew ensures carefree holiday fun away from mass tourism. The crew spoils you with the culinary specialties that the Mediterranean cuisine has to offer. Gulets are classic motor sailers made of wood. Our ships have 4-16 double cabins, depending on their size. Each cabin has its own bathroom with shower / toilet. Your floating hotel with a daily changing view guarantees an unforgettable vacation.

Cabin charter

Our cabin charter offers the possibility for couples, singles, families or small groups to book one or more cabins on one of our motor sailers. In Turkey, Greece and Croatia we offer cabin charters every week during the season. Most of the participants in these tours are from Germany. Since we mostly sail with several ships at the same time, we try to make a balanced classification of the ships based on the age of the participants. Our many years of experience have shown that the shared love of the sea and the unique atmosphere on board quickly turn strangers into friends.

Group charter

Our motor sailers are ideal for your group trip with companies, family and friends. Turkey, Greece, Croatia will inspire you. Whether sports club, bowling club, extended family or school class, the Blue Journey will inspire everyone.

The team

Depending on the size of the ship, there is a crew of two to four on board our motor sailers who ensure that you feel completely at ease. The team takes care of sailing matters together and is responsible for the ship's command and safety on board.

Food on board

On our Blue Tours in Turkey and Greece, full board is included in the tour price, in Croatia we offer the option of choosing between half and full board. Breakfast is tailored to the local conditions. Basically you get white bread, cheese, butter, jam, eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, coffee, tea and mostly some sausage. At lunchtime you will receive a warm meal with salad and fruit. In the afternoon there is coffee or tea with biscuits. In the evening a warm meal, salad and fruit are served. As side dishes to the warm dishes, there are mainly rice and noodles. The crew often catch a fish or buy freshly caught fish from the fishermen.

The drinks on board are partly charged separately. A list is kept here and at the end of the trip the team is settled. Details can be found in the respective travel description.

When you are satisfied, do not forget to tip when you settle.

The best travel time

In Turkey we start our blue trips in April, in Greece and Croatia our tours start at the beginning of May. In addition to the months of the main season, the months of May / June and September / October have their special charm. The temperatures are pleasant, the water is still warm and the bays and harbors are quieter than in the main season.

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