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Our company has been providing yacht charter services with rental gulet and motor yacht options of various sizes and standards along the entire Aegean and Mediterranean coasts since 1999. You can take a look at the different sizes of rental boat alternatives we have chosen for you to realize your dream yacht holiday and when you decide on the most suitable option, you can leave all the remaining formalities to us. Our experienced team will support you in all matters, from the route you need to choose, to the food shopping to be made on the boat, until your vacation is over.

There are also boat alternatives on our site that you can rent daily and hourly in the Bosphorus. If you are planning to organize a dinner organization for the Bosphorus cruise in Istanbul, you can take a look at our hourly rental boat alternatives, especially for the Bosphorus tour.

In addition, for customers who want to yacht charter and blue cruise in Turkey, we offer best rental gulet and motor yacht alternatives in such popular port alternatives like Bodrum, Antalya, Fethiye and Marmaris. Whether you need a motorboat or a sailboat, our portfolio offers many boats for rent with a capacity from 2 to 28 people. Thanks to the boat alternatives we have presented to you and their comfort and facilities, our guests today spend their blue voyage holidays in the comfort of a 5-star hotel.

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Recently, many people make different holiday plans for themselves or their families. The most important of these is the blue cruise holiday. Nowadays, when it comes to blue cruise, the concept of isolated holiday in beautiful bays comes to mind. In these uniquely beautiful bays, you will have time to get away from daily life and relax all day long with your loved ones. By renting one of the different gulet and motor yacht alternatives we offer for you, you can enjoy your holiday on the route you have previously decided. In addition, for your remaining time, you can go ashore in small towns on your route, try different flavors in local restaurants or do small shopping in the local shops of that region. You can click on the link below to learn more about the blue cruise concept.

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In this section, you will find a list of the most popular yacht charter harbors in Turkey and worldwide. You can browse the links to get more detailed information and see alternatives for charter yachts in that location.

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Gulets are traditionally motor boats made of wood. When it comes to gulet charter, the classic wooden Turkish gulets come to mind. Bodrum is famous in this regard. Bodrum gulets have become a worldwide brand. You can come across this type of gulet in Greece, Montenegro, Croatia, Italy and Spain along the entire Mediterranean coast. All kinds of comfort are available on the gulets, and they are suitable for sailing either with motor power or sailing. There are many gulet alternatives in various sizes and capacities in our portfolio. Visit the link below to get more detailed information about charter gulets and to examine alternatives.

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Private yacht charter is a type of holiday. You rent a boat from a specific port for a specified period of time. With these boats, which are usually rented for a week or 15 days, you spend your time with the crew of the boat on the route you set. There are usually captain, cook and service personnel available on the boat. These people serve you during your vacation. Motor yachts are the most popular boat types known for chartering. These types of boats are faster and more comfortable than sailing yachts. Engine power is high due to its speed, and rental prices can be expensive compared to other boats due to extra fuel costs. Visit the link below to get more detailed information about rental motor yachts and to examine alternatives.

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