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Work Boat

Buy new and used work boats through our company.

Work boats are usually understood to be smaller boats, which is a relative interpretation. For example, if a tugboat is 35 meters long, it is certainly small compared to a 300 meter long container ship. On the other hand, unlike other work boats, the tug boat is again quite large. There is no precise definition of what is a boat and what is a ship. We therefore want to show more typical examples of workboat types here.

Typical work boats are;

- Tugboat

- Lifeboat

- Fishing boat

- Pilot boat

- Police or Ambulance boats

- Water taxi

- Crew boat

- Small ferry

- Mooring boat

Find shipyards / manufacturers from Turkey and abroad

Choosing the right shipyard is difficult because there are so many aspects to consider. Decisive for this is the quality, price, technology, design, brand name, economic efficiency, delivery time and material such as GRP, steel, aluminum etc. Ada Yacht is in contact with countless shipyards from all over the world, so that we can help with the selection.

GRP, steel and aluminum as the material of choice

Commercial boats are exposed to high levels of stress, and sometimes there are also many safety requirements. That is why metal in the form of steel or aluminum is mostly used. Steel is cheaper and easier to repair, but it is also more susceptible to corrosion and significantly heavier than aluminum. GRP is often used in the private sector in boats and yachts, but such work boats are also used in the commercial sector. It also depends entirely on the intended use which material you should choose.

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