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Ada Yachting and Tourism Ltd.
Only Yachting Since 1981

Ada Yachting and Tourism Limited Company has been providing all services related to yachting to its customers since its establishment. These services can be briefly summarized as yacht sales, charter and construction. Boat building is one of the main activities of our company and started with the construction of a steel-hulled sailing yacht named “Bora Bora” in 1981 with a length of 20 meters. Our company has completed and delivered more than 70 steel and aluminum boats of various sizes and types up to now. The types of boats we manufacture include motor yachts, sailboats, work boats, tugboats, mooring and pilot boats.

Our company manufactures boats using only steel and aluminum marine type materials, as turnkey or only hull construction. Our brokerage and charter activities started in 1999 after the launch of the 29 meter steel gulet “Clasship 1”, which is our company's own boat. After this date, our company carried out yacht charter and blue cruise activities with its own boat, and then sold and exported this boat in 2003.

Later, the company continued its charter activities with the gulet named “Ada IX” that we manufactured in 2007, and sold and exported her in 2012. Our company, which has been acting as a broker for the sales and chartering of many boats until today, is very experienced with its wide portfolio of boats for sale and rental.

Boats for Rent
Boats for Rent
With our yacht charter experience and wide portfolio, we offer our blue cruise customers the best rental motor yacht, gulet and sailboat alternatives along the entire Aegean and Mediterranean coasts.
Boats for Sale
Boats for Sale
We have very strong connections with boat owners worldwide, as a result we provide the best sales brokerage service with a large list of new and second hand motor yacht, sailing boat, gulet and workboat database.
Boat Building
Boat Building
Our company, which has been constructing steel and aluminum boats since 1981, has made more than 70 successful deliveries. Motor yachts, sailboats and work boats can be counted among the types of boats we manufacture.
Boats For Sale

Our company provides sales brokerage services for new and second hand boats to its customers. Whether for commercial or private use, the sale of all kinds of boats and port registration formalities can be done through our company. The services we offer to our customers are not limited to this. We also have a lot of experience in other issues that our customers may need during or after the sale, such as flag change, export, survey, financing, yacht operation or maintenance and refit. With our experience in boat sales since 2001, we have been working to provide our customers with the smoothest and easiest solutions.

To give brief information about the types of boats in our company's portfolio for sale; new or used motor yachts, gulets, sailboats, work boats, pilot boats, tugboats, mooring boats, daily cruising boats and passenger ships. Our company, which is in direct contact with the boat owners, realizes the sale of the most suitable boat for you in the most advantageous and trouble-free way. We recommend that you take a look at our yacht buying guide for all your other questions on this subject.

Boats for Rent

Our boat rental story, for the first time in 1990, with the company's own commercial boats, began in the Bosphorus and Turkey's southern coast. Thanks to the experiences we have gained since then, we have the capacity to serve any of our customers who want to rent a yacht in any destination in the world. If Greece or Turkey or Croatia, if you want to rent a boat in the Caribbean or Thailand, then you are at right place.

Our yacht charter portfolio generally consists of Turkish wooden gulets, motor yachts, sailing yachts, bareboats and catamarans. Boats are generally available with options starting from 2-cabin alternatives up to 12 cabins in total. Daily rental prices of the boats vary according to the selected period and the standard of the boat. Food and drinks are often calculated separately from the rental price and added to your total cost. In gulet rentals, fuel costs are included in the blue cruise rental price for an average of 4 hours per day, but fuel charges are usually calculated separately for motor yachts. We recommend that you review our yacht charter guide for all your questions about chartering.

Boat Building

Our company, which has been producing only steel and aluminum boats since 1981, first started to build boats at the facilities of Proteksan shipyard in Sütlüce, Istanbul. Ada Yachting, which has been operating for many years, has been the main subcontractor of the shipyards that produce the most important steel and aluminum yachts in Tuzla, Istanbul. In addition, we continue to construct turnkey steel and aluminum boats at the construction sites we have rented. We specialize in the custom production of a wide range of boat types ranging from motor yachts, pilot boats, tugboats, fishing boats, passenger boats, mooring boats, catamarans, steel gulets and other sailing boats in the workplaces we rent for manufacturing.

During this period, Ada Yachting has built either the hull construction or turnkey project of more than 70 steel and aluminum boats with lengths varying between 20 and 75 meters. The names of the most important yachts we have completed steel and aluminum buildings; Sea D, Odessa, Talisman C, Sequel P, Kinta, Naia, Sirius, Cameleon B, and Barka. If you are planning to build a new boat, you can take a look at our yacht building guide, which explains the one-by-one steps we have prepared on this subject.

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