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Motor catamarans for sale - Power, comfort and independence

"As you throw salty sea air in your face, you get the feeling that you are standing in the cockpit and you are flying over the water and you have cut the waves with the motorized catamaran. You anchor somewhere and you know you will not have any problems. 5 more places to explore the next day."

This report by one of our customers explains very well what it feels like to own a motor catamaran and also shows some of the advantages. The biggest advantage is, above all, it is self-sufficient. You get in the car, start the engine and drive away - just like driving a car. The speed of a motorized catamaran up to 18 knots per hour allows you to explore more dream destinations within a route of your choice. Enjoy the freedom to explore many coves in a short time! The engines optimally positioned in both hulls contribute to the boat's dynamic balance and provide an incredibly comfortable ride.

Thanks to the ample space, a Leopard 51PC or Leopard 43PC can comfortably accommodate up to 10 people - 2 bow cabins are also provided for children and crew members. With a total of 3 levels and 4 double cabins, this is a real exception for general motorboats.

Thanks to the wide aft deck and flybridge on the catamarans, you can sit protected on the boat even in adverse weather conditions. As a result, a motor catamaran offers hotel comfort with modern equipment and good maneuverability. You can find catamaran alternatives for sale in various sizes and brands on our website.

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