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Motor Yacht

Selling motor yachts is our passion. Today, used yachts of all kinds are in great demand in the world. Those who do not disappoint their customers' trust and have a good reputation cannot complain about a lack of sales. Either branded or a custom built all kinds of  motor boats at our sales list is top quality boats. We have very satisfied customers from all over the world who are very enthusiastic about our services. Few brokers enjoy an international reputation.

Used or new motor yachts are available for sale in all sizes. The capacity of the engine plays a major role, the year of construction of the boats also influences the price. Of course you will also find the right yacht here which can be used for the adventurous trip on the water.

The excellent terms of sale are known to us. If you want to sell your boat, you have found a suitable contact here. If the engine delivers the expected performance and timely maintenance can be proven, a fair basis for the negotiations will certainly be created.

It is always an exceptional option when used powerboats are available for sale. Anyone who knows the new prices knows the great selection for used boats from our company. A high quality can always be expected here. The customer can only sell or buy really well-maintained boats here. Our brokers attaches great importance to this.

Our success proves us right - with his many years of experience and attractive offers, we became one of the most popular addresses for buying and selling used boats. Many of the great Bayliners or the fast motorboats that can be seen internationally today come from us and the owners of these chic boats fondly remember your purchase from this renowned specialist company.

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