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Yacht Refit and Repair


Turkey's Refit Expertise

We set standards in yacht refit and repair as Turkey's leading yacht building firm. We have the courage to lead the superyacht refit industry in Turkey, taking skills and expertise to any project, no matter how basic or complicated. We help captains, operators, and owners of superyachts prepare and conduct refit and repair projects. Our main goal on every job we handle is to make the yacht owners happy.

The customer will have a lot of say on how and where the refit takes place, relying on the accuracy and attention to detail that has made us a reference Refit & Repair business in the market, fulfilling the owner's specifications on time and on budget.

Our staff are on-site, providing our customers with our content of support.

From the beginning, we assign a dedicated Project Manager to each yacht so that we can prepare and handle the appropriate resources in the timeliest and productive manner possible. The project manager becomes the first point of contact, ensuring that your goals are clearly communicated within the organization and that progress is tracked and published on a daily basis. With comprehensive know-how, technical assistance is given from head office, which can advise on all aspects of yacht refit, from structural architecture to finishing details. Interacts with key organizations and has experience working to follow both Flag, State, and Class regulations.

We invest in our human capital by training and developing talented employees who share a core goal of shared inspiration and teamwork. In order to better repair yachts, we keep our facilities up to date.


At Ada Yacht, you will be involved in every step of the yacht's growth. The first step is to decide on a style for your yacht, such as classic, urban, futuristic, or traditional. This directs our course, but you remain in charge of everything from the measurements and materials to the collection of technologies and one-of-a-kind solutions. We'll work together to make your dream yacht a reality, one move at a time.

Our company has the expertise, craftsmanship, and resources to custom-build this yacht to your exact specifications. This is what you can depend on. Your yacht will be refitted with the highest attention to detail thanks to our full control over the refit process. We use only the finest fabrics and follow the highest expectations for this exceptional yacht. It is up to you to determine how the yacht will look in the end.

The several yachts that have found a new identity at our facilities have a long tale of accomplishment and milestones to tell, where hospitality, organization, infrastructure, and attention to detail are absolute "musts" in our philosophy. Our company oversees each project by organizing highly skilled experts capable of effectively realizing any kind of action and ensuring functions of rare excellence, based on their vast expertise and operations on hundreds of yachts. Our company has always assured accuracy, punctuality, and seriousness thanks to the existence of a highly technological system, competences, engineering know-how, and professional artisans capable of handling yachts of all sizes, and represents the location where your own yacht's rebirth plan becomes a reality.


From simple repairs to highly complicated big modifications, Ada Yacht offers high-end solutions for any part of yacht refits. We have the expert craftsmen and organizational skills to produce a project that runs like clockwork, no matter how basic or seemingly ambitious your needs are.

If you need minor repairs, part refit/refurbishment, or cabin furnishings, we have the expertise and equipment to complete these tasks with a wide range of yacht styles. You can effectively integrate the introduction of new features in your cabin with repair and/or maintenance work that would otherwise be needed, reducing overall downtime. This guarantees not just the protection but also the value of your yacht.

Our mechanics, as well as our spare parts supply, are top-notch. Interior and exterior construction, architecture, supply, refit, and maintenance are among the services we provide.

Engines, electrical, and hydraulic equipment, as well as painting, polishing, and interior touch-ups, are all part of the yacht's pre-season upkeep.

Regular and scheduled yacht maintenance increases the comfort of the owner and guests on board as well as the yacht's performance in terms of expense.

From an organizational standpoint, we concentrate on the smallest specifics, but let us not forget that what we are looking for is the first experience that will make the visitors feel at ease.

When our clients entrust their yachts to us, they should be assured that they will receive them in outstanding condition. We have tailored service and a wide range of specialties all under one roof and only a short distance apart.

We have the following operational capabilities as a full-service refit yard:

Project Management: Members of our talented project management team are committed to completing the project on time and on budget, and they often go above and beyond to fulfill client needs. Planning, quotes, contracts, invoicing, sourcing, and quality management are all part of the process. With our high capacity to respond to any condition with versatility, our project managers have successfully completed hundreds of tasks, ranging from small repairs to comprehensive overhauls. The project is completed efficiently on schedule and on budget thanks to careful cooperation between teams, external suppliers, and the yacht team.

Our technical office provides clients with naval architecture and engineering experience at any level of the project. From interior and exterior architecture to structural improvements, stability and weight tests, class surveys, and technical papers, there is everything for everybody. Many classification organizations with which we have close partnerships and expertise.

Painting and Refinishing: Our Refit & Repair facilities have complete operating power and are housed in a fully fitted technical marina with painting facilities with monitored atmospheric conditions, including heating, ventilation, and emission treatment systems, temperature and humidity control, overspray recovery and filtration systems, and lighting systems for painting works.

From primer to top coat refinishing, we will have a complete in-house operation devoted to high quality, accredited, and assured yacht paint projects. Professional coating testers take measurements with equipment that is accredited to meet international paint finishing requirements and comes with a written warranty. The Gloss Unit (GU) is 90, and the Depth of Image (DOI) is 90.

Everyone's first experience of the yacht is stern to in a marina berth or at anchorage in a busy harbor. So if you need absolute exterior fairing or a metallic paint job, you can trust that we will appreciate and exceed your highest standards. Fairing, top-coating, antifouling, blasting, varnishing, refinishing, paint shed & tent are only a few of the services available. Within and outside the hull, technology and expertise of surface planning and treatment. For yacht painting and finishing, we have the most precise methodology available. The conventional way of yacht finishing is still in the hands of artisans, despite the fact that new technology has no limits. Corrosion management and security are among the coating services available.

Antifouling: Our team is knowledgeable about antifouling use, both spray and roll on, and will recommend the right option for your needs. Many clients are now aware of the advantages of airless spray application, which ensures even coverage and improved results by applying more paint throughout the process. The choice to use a spray application helps us to reach a cleaner finish, which saves fuel by allowing the yacht to glide more easily across the water.

We've established a close friendship with Awlgrip, International, Jotun, and Boero technical members over the years to ensure that we get the best results with their help anytime we need it. Our staff is also skilled in the use of Propspeed and Pellerclean materials to keep propellers and shafts clean from the first day.

Wood and Carpentry: Beautiful carpentry has a significant impact on the overall appearance and feel of expert craftsmen for each job. Teak decking, interior woodwork, and outside furniture, our talented artisans have a strong appreciation for such a rare and natural material. They are experts in a wide variety of fabrics, techniques, and technology, including teak, veneers, parquetry, and composites, as well as high-quality woods and lacquers, and everything from masts and spars to custom chairs, interiors, and joinery. The raw wood is shaped into a fine artisan's piece by dedicated and skilled hands, and the final product is guaranteed to satisfy. With many years of experience as artisans in this area, we offer committed craftsmanship.

Our design and decor specialists appreciate the demands of the superyacht industry for flawless finishes and top-of-the-line fabrics. As experts in the area, our illustrious team will provide guidance and assistance to the yacht crew and owners in achieving the finest quality finishes in the vessel.

We have an unrivaled local and multinational network of vendors on site, from carpentry and soft furnishings to lighting and electronics, to complement our experience. Many of our clients' visions can be fulfilled by combining the attention to detail needed for projects ranging from minor changes to full interior overhauls with access to a wide variety of fabrics, products, artisans, and artists.

Interior and exterior yacht refurbishment, including internal modifications and system addition or upgrade. Upholstery, embroidery, leather, fixtures, marble, and furniture’s are only a few examples.

Fiberglass Repairs and Constructions: Carbon fiber, epoxy, GRP, polyester, vacuum-bagging, and high-tech cores are used in repairs and constructions.

Equipment and Systems: We appreciate the operating principles of all yacht machinery and we've been on some of the most complicated yachts. We have good working ties with the world's leading manufacturers and will still have a fitting solution for your yacht systems as well as more cost-effective alternatives. Electrics, Electronics, Hydraulics, Refrigeration, Engines, Generators, Shafts, Propellers, Rudders, Stabilizers, and custom refrigeration and electrical systems at all stages ABT-TRAC stabilizer systems, as well as Parker, HRO, Sea Recovery, Village Marin, and Idromar water maker systems, can be serviced by us.

Electrical Work: With a sure air of experience, we conduct every possible research process, providing "in-house" services, spares, and megger checks. The required qualifications for classification societies include generator load monitoring and insulation testing. Our electrical department will provide you with the latest, most up-to-date guidance on everything from personalized A/C panels to Zero Speed Stabilizers and yacht control systems to ensure a future-proof installation on your yacht. Engines, pumps, electrical systems, and electronics need qualified services, repairs, and new installations. Onan and Kohler Power generators and Mastervolt, Victron Energy electrical system modules, and Cantalupi Lighting systems are all serviced by us.

Mechanical Engineering/Machinery: We are able to fulfill all of the yacht industry's mechanical maintenance and conversion needs. Our services include a professionally trained technical staff, a machine shop, as well as the required equipment and manpower to perform field service on specialized subjects. Rudders, tanks, deck equipment, gyro and fin stabilizers, thrusters, and anode repair are all things that need to be replaced.

Auxiliary / Propulsion: Repowering, overhauling, servicing, and repairing all types of equipment. Engine and gearbox repairs, as well as generator maintenance.

Shaft & Props: Work on shaft alignment and production, as well as balance, maintenance, bearing, and coupling work. Remove the shaft, test it, and pitch and repair the propellers.

Hydraulics: Hydraulic parts are crucial for a wide variety of equipment on board, and engineers who work with low-performance stabilizing systems, gangways that don't surpass adequately, or cranes that wreck a jet ski ride can find them painful. To obtain a satisfactory outcome, diagnosis becomes critical, and our specialist hands know how to work with hydraulic parts, how to patch them, and when to replace or overhaul them.

Metal works: Metalwork specifications will range from steel to aluminum, pipework to artwork. Our eye for detail, which encourages personalized designs to ensure that the metal features are appreciated by even the most discerning visitors, is complemented by class trained welders and plate or pipe bending machines capable of producing all metal equipments.

Plan, fabrication, and modification of yacht metal fittings are also available from an experienced team. Metal works are a vital aspect of our projects and we focus on complicated modifications and renovations, such as extensions affecting the overall construction of the yacht. We only work with trained professionals. Class certified structural repairs and upgrades, additions, complete re-builds, or furniture and part design and fabrication.

Our artisans have not only retained ancient customs, but have also created these techniques to create authentic and one-of-a-kind custom-made masterpieces. All structural work is done with the permission of classification societies. Our experience building yachts gives us a great perspective on mixing modern and traditional techniques, and we've made significant improvements in the performance, cost effectiveness, and accuracy of our methods over the years.

We are one of the leading designers and producers of marine deck devices such as awnings, staircases, railings, stanchions, and yacht entry structures, as well as specialty mooring equipment construction in stainless steel.

Welding: Our team of welders is well-versed in all forms of welding, providing high-grade finishes that follow ISO standards in any situation. The hull and decks are cut and replaced as required, while the aluminum superstructure and pilot houses are designed with great precision to prevent the often difficult threat of distortion in the softer alloy. For aluminum and steel, we have class certified welders.

Piping: Any form of piping aboard presents a significant challenge to both designers and manufacturers. We design and fabricate all types of pipes in steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper nickel that blend in with the yacht while preventing the common pitfalls of pipe work. When it comes to concrete, polypropylene, PVC, or stainless steel installations, planning a piping upgrade requires a lot of experience.

Rigging repairs and upgrades, mast construction, sail production and repairs, and lifting keels repairs can all be completed with specialist experience.

Hull Thickness Gauging, steel replacement, pipe and valve work, overboard hull valves, Megger checks, and NDT tests are all part of the classification repairs (liquid penetrant testing, x-ray, ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle inspection, vacuum tests).

We recognize that a satisfied crew is an effective crew, so as part of our concierge-level support services, we will manage short and long-term accommodations, schedule transfers and transports, assist with medical needs, provide translating services, and assist with crew admin duties such as permits when required, reservations, outings, and social gatherings. Yacht owners and crews will take advantage of Istanbul hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions thanks to our location. Our concierge department is at the full discretion of our clients to support and assist them with scheduling and organizing travel and lodging, whether for a short stay or a longer refitting sojourn. Istanbul is the city with rich in culture, tradition, and leisure, with nearby attractions as well as outstanding high-level food for the finest crew and owner hosting.

Our mission is to establish long-term partnerships with our customers, which can only be accomplished by establishing faith. Trust that we will deliver on quality, price, and timeliness, as well as a favorable customer experience for the lifetime of the project in order to attract repeat business.

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