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Passenger boats for sale from the number 1 ship broker in Turkey

When buying a pleasure boat, the price, operating costs, age, condition, material, etc. are important. Commercial boats are primarily used to generate high profits for as long as possible. Therefore, one should "examine" the offers according to various factors when buying. Of course, the type of ships also plays a major role, i.e. whether it is about the transport of goods (freighter, tanker, container ship, inland waterway vessel, etc.), passenger transport (ferry, passenger boat, cruise ship, etc.), warships (battleship, cruiser, patrol boat , Frigate, etc.) or work ships (fishing ship, dredger, tugboat, etc.).

We offer serious brokerage of new and used passenger boats from Turkey and worldwide. If you are a manufacturer of passenger boats and are interested in listing the products of your shipyard, please contact us. Companies with a fleet of ships also have the opportunity to sell new or used ships with our help.

The lifespan of passenger boats is limited in terms of economy and condition, so new construction projects for special ships are advantageous from a certain point in time. Buying a passenger boat can be difficult because the selection of offers from manufacturers and shipyards may not be manageable. This applies to products from Turkey as well as products from Asia and other countries. As a Turkish broker we therefore try to bundle passenger boat offers and a variety with other services to offer. Other focal points arise when selling new and used boats, financing, repairs in a shipyard, refit, transport and shipbuilding (new construction). Benefit from contacts to global manufacturers, experience, full service and professional advice.

Conversion, repair, restoration and refit in a shipyard / shipyard

Changed requirements, age, conditions, economy, etc. make remodeling, repairs, restoration and refit appear sensible. However, the difficulty lies in finding the right shipyard in Turkey or abroad. The quality of Turkish shipyards is very high, but you can also find something abroad. That depends entirely on the ship and factors such as time, budget, safety and special requests. For example, when extending or shortening a ship, renovating, repainting or modernizing the technology. We are happy to help you find the right shipyard.

The wishes of customers from Turkey and abroad couldn't be more different. The search for ships is based on many factors, but this is the right marketplace for finding offers, buying and selling new and used passenger boats. Whatever ship you're looking for, we'll find it!

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