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Our company first started yacht building in 1981 with the construction of the boat named "Bora Bora" as a subcontractor of Proteksan (now Turquoise Yachts) shipyard. Ada Yachting has been building only steel or aluminum boats ever since. Our company, which has manufactured more than 75 boats up to this day, has produced and offers a wide range of boat manufacturing services such as motor yachts, special purpose work boats, sailing yachts, pilot boats, tugboats, mooring boats, fishing boats, personnel transport boats, passenger boats, catamarans and steel gulets.

Some of our production consists of steel and aluminum hull boat manufacturing subcontracting and outfitting services that we provide to shipyards, and some of our boats are produced on a turnkey basis. We are not a shipyard, we are just steel and aluminum custom boat builders. We usually build the boats on turn-key basis by renting the manufacturing areas of the shipyards. Apart from this, we manufacture and equip the steel and aluminum shells of the boats to the shipyards we provide subcontracting services. The names of the most important yachts we have completed; Sea D, Odessa, Talisman C, Sequel P, Kinta, Naia, Sirius, Cameleon B, and Barka. Please check the link below to see all our references.


Ada Yacht is the main subcontractor of the shipyards that produce the most important steel and aluminum yachts in Tuzla, Istanbul during the rough boat construction phase. In addition, it continues turnkey yacht manufacturing, steel pilot boat manufacturing and other types of boat building projects at the rented construction sites. Some of these are: Mooring Boat, Steel Barge, Tugboat, Fast Aluminum Work Boat, High Speed Patrol Boat, Jack Up Platforms, Crew Boat, Multitug, Fishing Boat, Pusher Boat, Dredger, Fish Farm Boat, Steel Staff Boats and Agency Supply Vessels.

As a steel boat manufacturer, we are aware that the quality of the boat produced depends on good workmanship and the materials used in the construction of the boats. Yacht manufacturing activities in our company are carried out under the supervision of institutions such as ABS, Lloyd, GL, BV, RINA, which are accepted as first-class organizations by the international shipbuilding industry, and under the supervision of internationally accepted basic principles and standards such as MCA, SOLAS, IMO and MARPOL.

We are one of the oldest manufacturer of boat pilot boat in Turkey. We mainly produce combinations made of steel pilot boats and mostly aluminum superstructures. In addition, we manufacture fully aluminum pilot boats in line with the requests of our customers and in situations requiring rapid operation. All of the pilot boats we build are manufactured in accordance with Lloyd's standards and rules.

Marine steel material is the main material we use in boat construction. In addition, we also use marine grade aluminum. In almost every mega yacht we build, steel and aluminum are used together. This structure is generally applied by combining both materials using a special material called "Triclad". The use of aluminum in addition to steel material in boat construction has increased considerably. For more detailed information about boat construction, please click the link below.


Our company, which specializes in custom boat manufacturing, is constantly working to revive the boats that it has produced before or are in the project phase in a way to meet your requests. You can take a look at the link below for a list of all projects from steel or aluminum hull yachts to work boats that we have presented to our customers with all technical details and equipment ready.


Ada Yachting works with expert teams and professionals who can carry out "maintenance and repair" projects on motor yachts and all other boat types. Our company, which has specialized in steel and aluminum yacht manufacturing since 1981, is aware that quality workmanship, management of qualified teams, timely delivery and honesty are very important in this context. Therefore, we can provide the most effective coordination for you by bringing together shipyards and professional teams in the field in order to manage and realize refit projects.

In addition to all of these, we professionally organize our subcontractors and material suppliers, with whom we have worked for years, for the timely delivery of the works. Some of the services we provide in this regard are mechanical and machine work, painting works, marine electrical and cable installations, steel and aluminum body damage and repair, piping, insulation, cooling and air conditioning, flooring, interior design revision and furniture workmanship. Thanks to the communication and cooperation we have developed with our shipyards and subcontractors for years, we ensure that you realize all your projects on time and with the most appropriate budget.


Yacht building projects, which have many variables and dynamics, require a fully professional and comprehensive management. In this case, our company, which has gained years of experience in manufacturing, is working with its professional team to ensure that you complete your new construction projects on turnkey basis without any problems.

We manage many details about your new building projects, from shipyard selection to port registration, on your behalf. Thus, you know the way to follow from beginning to end, and you do not have to deal with unforeseen surprise costs and delivery delays. You can visit the link below for more detailed information on new yacht building management.


The history of Yacht Construction in Turkey dating back to the old year and has a famous history. In the past, it was stated by those who did this job that it took years to complete the manufacture of the boats. Thanks to the technology and experience we have today, it takes a maximum of 6 to 18 months to make a boat float in the sea, depending on the size of the boat, after the keel is formed. Good project management and healthy cash flow are factors that are closely related to the boat building process and can affect the delivery date.

Ada Yachting guides you to make the steel or aluminum boat you always dreamed of come true. Yacht manufacturing is a subject that includes many details and includes the completion of many important steps such as the project phase, material purchasing process and shipyard selection. In this context, we recommend that you take a look at our guideline that affects yacht manufacturing and explains the stages through which this is completed step by step.

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