19 Mayıs Mh. Şemsettin Günaltay Cd. No:148/18
Kadıköy İstanbul
+90 216 395 09 99

Gulet Aegean Clipper Boat

Blue Cruise Experience with Aegean Clipper Gulet

The Aegean Clipper boat, listed in the Gulet rental category, is 33 meters long

The Aegean Clipper gulet, which has 11 cabins in total, offers blue cruise and yacht charter services up to maximum 22 people

The boat Aegean Clipper is registered at the Bodrum port and provides blue cruise and boat rental opportunities to our guests in the bays in Turkey region

Aegean Clipper yacht was launched in 1999 and was renewed in 2019

Aegean Clipper boat has 1 Master, 4 Doble, 6 Twin cabins layout

Aegean Clipper gulet has 550 Hp CAT power main engine

Daily charter prices for yacht Aegean Clipper vary between 1700 Euro in low season and 2750 Euro in high season

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Gulet Aegean Clipper
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Yachts for Charter Bodrum Aegean Clipper Boat
Aegean Clipper
The blue cruise boat Aegean Clipper, 33 meters in length, has 1 Master, 4 Doble, 6 Twin berths with a total of 11 cabins and a capacity of 22 guests, provides yacht charter services in Bodrum region in Turkey.

Our boat was built in 1999 and was completely renovated in 2019. Aegean Clipper boat has a total of 11 double cabins and can carry passengers up to a maximum of 22 people. The boat owner and staff are very experienced in blue voyage. The service offered by the boat to its customers in this regard has been appreciated by domestic and foreign guests for years. There are 1 master cabin, 4 double cabins and 6 twin cabins on our 33 meter long boat. All cabins have private toilet, bathroom and shower. It is one of the most recommended boats, especially for crude blue cruise groups. Our boat is registered in Bodrum harbor and offers services with different Bodrum yacht charter routes.

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