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Despite the harbor basin, the harbor has a very nice evening ambience. In the center you will find a square that is reminiscent of Spanish cities. The "city" seems sleepy and therefore very calming. It belongs to the larger Marmaris. Together with Bodrum, Bozburun is the only remaining building site for traditional gulets.

The city of Bozburun is still one of the areas in Turkey where tourism has not yet stopped. Only those who own a yacht should already know the city. Actually, the city is also a bit exaggerated, place or town would be better, which is why the city could not be better suited to spend a quiet vacation there and experience the everyday life of the people living there up close. You will not find a hotel in the style of those you may know from the Riviera, but only smaller hotels and guest houses, but also nice shopping opportunities that will not lack anything and some fine fish restaurants where you will certainly find one or the other local fish eat there.

Bozburun is located in a bay on the Gulf of Sömbeki and those who want to “really” shop should consider a trip to Marmaris. The places in Marmaris are all very green, which is why it is rather untypical for Bozburun that it is not like that here. But the place is known for its shipbuilding art. The so-called gulets are built here and once a year there is even a competition or race with these ships. Bozburun can be reached in two different ways from Marmaris. One possibility is to follow a 45km long road and follow the path towards Dacta. At the Hisarönü junction, you have to leave the main road and follow the coastal road to Selimiye. All roads are well and developed; the rest of the road is also paved.

The other option is to drive from the south via Icmeler and Bayir. The route is only 24 km long and paved, but it is also quite winding. For those who do not want to drive themselves, there are also minibuses between Bozburun and Marmaris. In the vicinity of Bozburun there is the Asar mountain, which you can climb in 45 minutes and once you have reached the top, the ancient remains of the ancient settlement Larmna can be visited. Unfortunately, the beaches around Bozburun can only be reached with the help of a boat.

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