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Climate: Mediterranean with temperatures between 25 and 35 degrees

Wind: Meltemi

Sailing season: April to October

Göcek - A foray through Lycia

In the heart of the Gulf of Fethiye there is a real hero for yacht vacationers. Göcek, the main port of departure for all yacht charter companies, is centrally located in the northern part of the bay. The Taurus Mountains rise behind the town of Göcek and connect to the vast Anatolian highlands in the north. The pine-covered southern slopes of this steep limestone massif border on a wild coastal strip is jagged by countless bays. In late spring there is still a hint of snow on the heights. In some places the Gulf of Fethiye is dotted with small and large islands.

Yacht charter Gocek

A yacht charter Göcek is particularly recommended in the off-season, in spring and autumn. Located at the end of the Taurus Mountains and on the Lycian coast, the small town offers several marinas. The village to the north of Fethiye Bay is surrounded by mountains, bays and islands. A total of twelve of these are in the immediate vicinity. On the largest island, Tersane, there are still a few ruins from Byzantine times as well as a few farmhouses. Olive and pine trees grow on the two Yassica Islands and they are surrounded by flat, long sandy beaches. But you can also head for a number of secluded bays: For example, the Bedri Rahmi Bay named after the poet Bedri Rahmi Eyüpoglu, the protected Gobun Bay lined with crystal clear water or the largest bay, the Bay of Cleopatra, which is beautiful Pine trees also offer ruins in the shallow sea.

The coast of ancient Lycia in southern Turkey is a real treasure trove for sailors and yacht vacationers, spreading its riches from the mouth of the Dalyan River to the port of Antalya. Forested mountains accompany the route west of the Bay of Fethiye between Marmaris and Köycegiz Limani, where the Dalyan River makes its way through the world-famous reed labyrinth to the Mediterranean Sea. The loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta Caretta), which has now become rare, lays its eggs in the sand. It is worth interrupting your yacht charter holiday from Ekincik for a day trip through this nature reserve to ancient Kaunos. Special motor boats offer trips to the Dalyan River with the famous Lycian rock tombs and the sulfur springs. Lunch followed by a walk in the pretty town of Dalyan and the great view of the rock tombs opposite is highly recommended.

In the east, separated from the Oyuk peninsula, lies the completely protected bay of Fethiye. To the west, a multitude of islands surround the anchorages of Göcek. Countless anchorages, none of which are alike, are waiting to be discovered on a yacht charter in this area. Especially on board a sailing yacht, you can enjoy a truly paradisiacal backdrop, perfect for a romantic sundowner. Lycian rock tombs alternate with thick pine forests, cool bubbling springs, groves of incense trees and many small streams that flow into the bay. A safe haven can be found here for every weather condition. Ancient remains are a dime a dozen here; there is hardly an anchorage or bay without its own ruin. Accordingly, a yacht charter for a week-long sailing trip is not enough to get to know the area in its entirety.

Between the Turkish Riviera and the Lycian coast on a yacht charter Göcek

Göcek is a place with only a few thousand inhabitants. It therefore offers an alternative starting point to the larger city of Fethiye on the other side of the bay for all those who are looking for peace and relaxation when starting their trip. Dalaman Airport is just over 20 kilometers away. From here you are spoiled for choice: to the west is the Turkish Riviera with popular cities such as Marmaris, Bodrum or the Datca Peninsula. To the east it goes to the beautiful Lycian coast, which is a bit quieter and with its fine sandy beaches and turquoise-blue water almost gives you a South Sea feeling. And the island of Rhodes is not far south either.

The city of Fethiye, which has a population of over 168,000, is in the immediate vicinity. It houses remains of the Lycian culture in its archaeological museum. Araxa is around 40 km from Fethiye and offers the opportunity to admire parts of the city walls, Lycian rock tombs as well as remains of Turkish baths and canals from Byzantine times. In Telmessos, formerly the largest city in Lycia, there is also a Roman-style theater from the 2nd century that used to seat 5,000 people. A highlight, however, is a visit to the butterfly valley. Moor your sailing yacht on site and admire the multitude of butterflies that linger in the gorge surrounded by hills. Alternatively, you can start from the larger city of Fethiye, which is to the west of the bay.

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