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Wood Gulet ADA27209 for Sale

Gulet ADA27209 for Sale in Bodrum Turkey

The ADA27209 boat listed in the category Gulet for sale is 24 meters long

The ADA27209 yacht was launched in 2010 and was refitted in 2019

Second Hand Gulet ADA27209 for sale has a Wood hull

The boat ADA27209 is 24 meters long and 7 meters wide

Gulet ADA27209, which has 4 cabins in total and 2 Master, 1 Double, 1 Twin cabin layouts, is registered at Bodrum

Our boat is listed in the category of Bodrum Second Hand Gulet for sale in our boat sales database

The boat ADA27209 has a main engine with power 2x280 Hp Iveco and a generator 2x22 kw Onan

Gulet for Sale
ADA27209 Yacht for Sale
Yacht ADA27209 for Sale
Boat ADA27209 for Sale
Bodrum Second Hand Wood Gulet for sale ADA27209
Wood Gulet for Sale
Second Hand Gulet for Sale
4-Cabin Boats for Sale
Gulet for Sale in Turkey
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The 24-meter Second Hand Wood Gulet ADA27209 for sale, which was manufactured in 2010 and has 4 cabins with 2 Master, 1 Double, 1 Twin berths, is registered in Bodrum harbor in Turkey.

Our boat was built in 2010. With the renovation it went through in 2019, it took its current form. The boat has a length of 23.90 meters and a width of 6.60 meters and has a wooden hull. The owner started the construction of the boat in accordance with CE rules, therefore it is very easy to obtain CE certificate for this boat.

Our boat has a total of 4 cabins, 2 Master Cabins, 1 Double Cabin, 1 Twin Cabin, each more stylish and comfortable than the other, with its own shower, WC and air conditioning. It has 2xIveco 280 Hp engines and 2xOnan 22 kw generators.

Separate living areas for the crew, fully equipped kitchen, indoor and outdoor dining areas, relaxation areas, and American bar is available. Apart from the living area with the back table and the front table, there is also a third living area, which we call a flybridge.

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