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33. The Bodrum Cup has started
33. The Bodrum Cup has started

The American Hospital The Bodrum Cup Yacht Races, organized for the 33rd time this year in Bodrum, started. The boat Hızır 1 became the champion.

American Hospital The Bodrum Cup, which was held for the 33rd time this year, started with a ceremony accompanied by drums. Bodrum Cup Yacht Races, organized for the 33rd time this year in Bodrum, started on Monday evening and the first stage ended. 180 yachts and approximately 1,500 sailors and tourists participate in the races. "Together" was chosen as the theme of the competition.
2021 Bodrum Cup
At the start of The Bodrum Cup yacht races to be held in Bodrum between October 18-23, the opening ceremony was held on Monday evening at METT Hotels & Beach Resorts in Isola Stage Gardens in Bardakçı Bay. Chairman of the organizing committee Süleyman Uysal, Bodrum Governor Bilgehan Bayar, Bodrum Mayor Ahmet Aras, Milas Mayor Muhammet Tokat, Muğla Deputy Suat Özcan, honorary president of the competitions Erman Aras and the name sponsor of the organization, American Hospital Chief Physician Dr. Yusuf Babayiğit, METT Hotels & Beach Resorts Turkey Representative İlker Yörükoğlu, Bodrum Seafarers' Association President Erol Erdoğan and many sailors attended. Experienced moderator Murat Can Canbay moderated the campaign.
The races, in which more than 60 boats and 1,500 sailors from different parts of Turkey and the world sail to the fire-destroyed regions, will end on October 23. Bringing together athletes and sailing enthusiasts from all over the world in Bodrum, the Bodrum Cup international sea festival started with a percussion ceremony. The first stage of the organization with the participation of more than 60 boats and 1,500 people, "The 50th Anniversary Stage of the Bodrum Sailing Association" was filmed today. The organization, which also includes concerts by Müjde Kızılkan, Kerem Görsev and Teoman, will end with the award ceremony to be held on October 23, after the Kissebükü - Bodrum Erol Ağan stage is completed.
Bodrum Cup organizing committee chairman Süleyman Uysal stated that it would be a very good race and said, "We held a commemoration tour with the health heroes we named 'Heroes of the Year' last year due to the pandemic. A very serious effort was made regarding the fire disaster we experienced, so both the economic and the economic. "We went all the way to the fire zone to support the people of the region. We will go to Çökertme after finishing the Bodrum - Bodrum stage today. Tomorrow we will do various activities in the bay, we will meet with the locals. Therefore, this year we are holding a Bodrum Cup on the theme of support. This year, we will celebrate the 60th anniversary." More than 35 boats participate in the race, followed by 35 boats.
Bodrum Cup Honorary President Erman Aras stated that he is very excited to bring the young generation together with sailing and said, “When we started this business, we started to bring the young generation together with sailing in order to encourage the use of charter yachts. Thankfully, at the point we have reached today, we have had so many young people who are really interested in the sea and love sailing that their children are here today at sea. We got our young people used to it. There is no greater happiness than this today. At the same time, of course, we are trying to raise awareness both in terms of protecting nature and protecting the seas. That's why we became a big family sending messages of love to the world. These beautiful images displayed by 1,500 people on the sea are very valuable both for our region and for our promotional Turkey.
Hızır 1 became the champion of American Hospital The Bodrum Cup 2021
Hizir 1
In the 33rd year of the Mediterranean's biggest sea festival, which brings sailing athletes and enthusiasts from all over the world together in Bodrum, the racers who sailed to the fire zones received their awards. This year, the champion of the races was Hızır 1, while Beluga took the first place in the Bitci Challenge Cup.
Jasmin won the 1st place in the Gulet category, Hızır 1 in the Tirhandil category, and Dafne in the Mosaic category. Standard A winner Levent Kaptan, Standard B winner Stihl Vay, Gulet A winner Take It Easier, Gulet B winner Metro Grandi, Gulet C winner Ron, Tırhandil A winner Usta K, Tırhandil B winner Hızır 1, Mosaic A winner Always, Mosaic B winner Dafne, Cruiser General winner Sultana, Cruiser A winner Lone Raver, Cruiser B winner Navita, Cruiser C winner Becayiş 61, Performance category winner Sultana, Catamaran winner Wahring Darling, while Leagues won the Support category.
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