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A 72-meter super yacht Project 2024 by Feadship
A 72-meter super yacht Project 2024 by Feadship

Project 2024, a 72.6-meter mega yacht built by Feadship, has been announced

Feadship, a Dutch yacht building company, has collaborated with Nauta Design to offer Project 2024, a 72m high speed luxury yacht prototype. Project 2024, which was unveiled at an online media briefing, was designed in collaboration with Nauta and highlights marine architecture by Feadship De Voogt Naval Architects. The idea was developed in response to a number of customer demands, according to the builder, and is tailored to clients who "have no expertise nor concern in the complicated technological aspects of a new construction."

Project 2024, on the other hand, provides a "incredible number of customised high product options." Many of the key technological components have already been developed, including the necessary engineering and marine design. Costumers would be able to save time on distribution and be free to "build their own personalized Feadship" as a result of this. As a consequence, the mega yacht will be delivered in time for the summer of 2024.

Project 2024 was influenced by plenty of innovative superyacht designs proposed by designers around the industry, according to chief product strategist Farouk Nefzi. “We've seen a lot of stunning futuristic concepts with cutting-edge technologies and fantastical dreams. But the primary issue is what is truly feasible now, and what kind of creativity can be implemented now.” The proposal has been "focused out to the greatest degree of precision," according to Feadship, and is "remarkably separate from just about any luxury yacht prototype model available today."

It was born out of a collaboration between Nauta and the builder on some other Feadship luxury yacht task and according to the company: “Their pleasant friendship encouraged them to imagine how their joint perfect Feadship could look for potential customers wanting to know about how to skip the early technological period of a new build implementation.” Nauta and Feadship spent a few months designing and developing a "unique concept that would incorporate all of their common experience" with Feadship De Voogt Naval Designers.

The 72m Project 2024 is the outcome, a completely Tier III compatible mega yacht with a steel hull and an aluminum upper body. Feadship ’s ceo Jan-Bart Verkuyl stated that the engineering team sought to integrate a variety of market-leading design developments into the concept. Resilience, future creativity and innovation and modern features are just a few of them. “We wanted to have a place where customers could invest extra time with family and friends,” the company says. The outcome is a 70-meter private yacht that incorporates all current construction trends. We know how important it is for people to be allowed to navigate from their yacht, so we have a tickle helipad on the stern, as well as plenty of windows and connections across the outside and inside.”

The main exterior elements contain wide screens, smaller size and "elegant" bulwarks, with a sea view and an inland and outside connection. The 564 square meter of cabin space can be fully customized to the customer's preferences and desires, with 12 guests sleeping in a wide master cabin, VIP cabin, and 8 extra rooms that can be configured as doubles or twins. The master cabin, which is located forward of the main deck, is defined as a "sanctuary of individual privacy and leisure," with pieces of clothing and coated surfaces that produce a "aura of clarity." The suite has his and hers standing cupboards, a lounge, and a personal balcony that results in higher deck's rooftop lobby and outdoor dining hall. A reach helipad has been designated instead of the upper deck, although this may be converted into extra seating if the buyer so wishes.

The above-mentioned sun deck is separated into three main areas. The forward area has a Hot tub that is arranged for tanning, while the center area has a seating area for 12 people that is protected by translucent windbreaker boards. Aft is a bar location. A huge food lift spans both floors, and an escalator will carry visitors around the yacht. Over on the ground floor, the aft section flows into the main saloon, which is separated into a bar and dining area with massive screens and panoramic views of the sea. There's also the luxury of adding flip terraces to the lounge, stretching it over the lake.

The beach club, which is located aft of the bottom section, is a highlight feature. The pool bar is extended by an additional 80 percent thanks to large square side wings. There is also a 3.3-meter pool and plenty of seating in the field. The rooftop bar has tight ties to the deck behind with curving steps – a layout element that allow families to take care on kids playing on the beach club. Verkuyl commented on the beach club idea, saying, "Lots of beach clubs are being built within boats, but we're really watching beach clubs expand and becoming more." It's an attractive room that connects you to the water surrounding you - a spot where you'd like to spend time with loved ones.” Project 2024 has room for 18 team members, along with a designated captain's quarters and eight extra rooms on the bottom section.

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