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Flying fox yacht

Beyonce on a yacht charter

Beyonce and Jay-Z are on a charter on the yacht Flying Fox
Beyonce and Jay-Z are on a charter on the yacht Flying Fox

In September 2021, Beyoncé and Jay-Z were seen in the Mediterranean on board the world's most expensive charter boat, Flying Fox.

When Jay-Z and Beyoncé travel on vacation—or anyplace else for that matter—people take note. And you might argue that when you vacation onboard the 450-foot-long, 67-foot-wide superyacht Flying Fox, which was built by Lürssen in Germany and costs over $4 million per week to charter, people notice just a little bit more.

Flying Fox Yacht

*Jay-Z and Beyoncé are said to be vacationing on the 450-foot-long Flying Fox Superyacht.

However, superyachts that are significantly longer than a football field (such as Flying Fox and Jerry Jones' Bravo Eugina) also receive a lot of attention.

On September 4, the famous artist celebrated her 40th birthday, which she had at the beginning of the month. Since then, it's been nonstop partying, with Beyonce and her equally renowned husband Jay-Z enjoying their holiday aboard the Flying Fox. "When are you returning home?" fans ask, while others complain that "Beyonce hasn't been letting us breathe recently," referring to the singer's numerous updates on social media.

Bravo Eugina Yacht

*Jerry Jones' 357-foot-long superyacht Bravo Eugina

And, as you can see in the first image, superyacht designer Espen Oeino has created an exquisite yacht exterior that, despite her vast size, appears sleek. The exterior's balance and proportion allow for a large deck area with a variety of alternatives for Jay-Z, Beyonce, and their friends to enjoy.

It's one thing to spend some vacation time on a luxurious boat, as most celebrities do, but it's quite another to go on a private cruise on what might be considered a floating resort. The Flying Fox pampers its guests with everything they could possibly want, from a massive pool, theater, and nightlife to a high-end spa center and two restaurants.

Flying fox yacht aft deck

*The massive pool aboard Flying Fox

Fans, understandably, are enthralled by the opportunity to go inside the two superstars' private haven. Who wouldn't want to know what it's like to spend a week on board a megayacht that costs $4 million to charter? The Flying Fox was just commissioned two years ago, yet it is now regarded as the world's largest charter megayacht, with six decks.

Beyonce on board of flying fox yacht

*Onboard a 450-foot-long superyacht, Beyoncé appears even more stunning.

After all, these megastars flew to a casual dinner in New York by helicopter, so it's to be expected of Beyonce and Jay-Z. When you're sailing through some of the world's most beautiful regions, such as Southern Europe, you want it to last for weeks. And you've got $4 million a week to do it in their case.

D-Wave and Gabrielle Union's recent trip to Europe, which they've called the "Wade World Tour 2021," is the only other celebrity superyacht vacation that comes close to this one. It wasn't, however, on board the world's largest charter megayacht, which is rumored to be owned by Jeff Bezos.

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