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Bosphorus Swimming Tour

Princess Islands Swimming Tour

Princess Islands and Bosphorus Swimming Tour
Princess Islands and Bosphorus Swimming Tour

With the organization of swimming tours in the Princess Islands and the Bosphorus, you can have a pleasant time in the most beautiful bays of Istanbul.

Boat rental organization for swimming tours in the Princess Islands and the Bosphorus has been in high demand by many of our customers residing in and around Istanbul in recent years. The simplest way to enjoy the hot summer days lately is to charter a boat and take a swimming tour around Istanbul. The many unique bays on the Princes' Islands and the Bosphorus line and the magic of the Sea of ​​Marmara are the biggest factors in increasing the demands on this subject. Especially during the daytime on weekdays or weekends, you can both take a trip and swim with your group of friends between 09:00-17:00 with any boat that you can rent a yacht in the Bosphorus, which is in our portfolio. We organize these tours according to your wishes with motor yachts that you can rent in groups of 8-15 people on average, with or without meals. For swimming tours, we generally recommend the Islands region or the Poyrazköy area on the Bosphorus. You can have your meal at the local fish restaurants in these regions or get service to the boat. Our swimming tour organizations are within the scope of block rental and total pricing is made for a period of approximately 7-8 hours. Prices vary according to the number of people and the size of the boat.
We recommend the most popular bays of Heybeliada, Bugrazada and Büyükada to our customers who want to visit the Islands region, and the bays with the cleanest sea water of Sarıyer, Poyrazköy and Beykoz for those who want to stay on the Bosphorus line. Swimming tours are organized for an average of 8 hours in total, starting at 09:00 in the morning and ending around 17:00 on the same day. For our customers who want to start the tour later, it can be organized in the form of starting at 10:00 and ending at 18:00. If you wish, you can also get breakfast service at the beginning of the tour. Generally, evening charter organizations will start at 19:00, so the end time of the swimming tour cannot be delayed after 18:00. Generally, it takes an average of 1 hour to prepare and clean the boats for the next groups. In order to go to the bays where you can swim in the Islands or the Bosphorus, and to return, it is necessary to make a journey of 1.5 hours each and a total of 3 hours. Therefore, it is not possible to stop at different points in the Islands and the Bosphorus on the same day with our boats. At the beginning of the tour, our guests have to make a single choice about the region they will go to.
During the tour, you can have breakfast service on the boat while traveling. You can take one of the packages we offer to our customers as a wide variety or mixed breakfast menu, or you have the option to organize your own snacks and bring them to the boat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, depending on the number of people. Or if you wish, you can stop by the local restaurants in the area where you will do a swimming tour, eat and spend time there. Provided that the food and drinks are brought to the boat by the guest from outside, you can use the service and kitchen materials on the boat. In this case, we provide service personnel to the boat according to the number of people of our guests. The average fee to be paid by the customer for 1 waiter is 200 TL. 1 service person for every 8 people would be ideal. Our service personnel will both serve our guests and assist with the recovery and arrangement of the boat. In our more luxurious standard boats, an extra service fee is requested for catering or food and beverage from outside. This fee is in the range of 400-500 TL on average.
In 2022, swimming tour prices start from 7000 TL for the Islands or the Bosphorus. This fee varies according to the standard of the boat and the number of people. The price we have given above is given as an example for a 20-22 meter boat, where an average of 6-8 people can be comfortable. For a definite offer for your special groups, it will be sufficient to contact us about the boat you like from the Bosphorus tour yacht charter section on our website. Another important issue that requires you to contact by phone or e-mail is the availability of the boats. After your request, we will send you the availability information and price offer of the boats in a short time. After your tour is confirmed, a prepayment is required for the final reservation. The remaining balance, excluding the deposit payment, can be paid until the day you board the boat. The entire balance must be collected before the boarding time. We have a 10% discount for early reservations.
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