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Tom Brady

Wajer 77

Tom Brady Upgrades His Old Yacht with the $6 Million Wajer 77
Tom Brady Upgrades His Old Yacht with the $6 Million Wajer 77

NFL legend and seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady ordered Wajer's new 77-foot luxury offshore yacht at $6 Million.

Last week, NFL (National Football League) legend and seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady made a surprise appearance via video connection at the launch of Wajer's new luxury yacht in the Netherlands. And he has stated that he will be among the first to receive the new 77-foot offshore vessel.
Tom Brady
“I loved the seas of New England, but when we moved to Tampa, with its gorgeous bay, I realized I needed a boat, Brady told the audience. “I admire what Dries Wajer (Wajer Chief Executive) is already achieving. I was eager to test out using a Wajer 38 since we first decided to work along, later I had mine Wajer 55S, but now I'm planning to start my ‘captainship' on a Wajer 77 which Brady says I'll have before the end of the year.”
After the Buccaneers' Super Bowl win in February, Brady famously skipped his $2 million Wajer 55S at the water-parade Super Bowl celebration in Tampa. More notably, he completed a breathtaking throw from the stern of his boat to the prow of the boat on which teammate and tight end Rob Gronkowski was sailing. When it comes to the latest Wajer 77, however, we can appreciate his curiosity and eager anticipation.
The latest 77-foot design, according to Wajer Managing Director Dries Wajer, was a response to customer demands for a vessel that went beyond day boating and had some ocean-going capability. During the announcement, he said, "We've spent years designing the Wajer 77 with leaders including Sinot Yacht Architecture and Van Oossanen Naval Architects." “However, we're going fast on this project and, to be honest, we were able to sell the idea early on. More than 15 have already been sold.”
The live-prototype Wajer 77 is called "The World is Not Enough," which is not only the title of the 1999 Bond film, but also the family motto of James Bond in Sir Ian Fleming's novels. To be sure, the submarine exudes a certain foreign secret-agent mystique.

The New Wajer 77 Yacht's Profile

Her lines are low, swept back, and elegantly aggressive, and she is significantly longer and beamier than the previous Wajer 55 flagship. She also rises higher from the water line. An auto-calibrating anchor drop calculates the length of chain required, a hybrid fender system that can quickly inflate/deflate bumpers for easier stowage, a water-cooled under-deck temperature system so your bare feet don't get too toasty, and an automatic wheelhouse roof that can expand, contract, and front-elevate to let more air flow into the cockpit are all Q Branch-worthy features.
Wajer 77 Cabins
A mid-ship Master Suite with a 16-foot, 5-inch wide bed, a bow Junior Suite with a double bed, and a port-side guest cabin with a queen-size and single bed are among the accommodations. Each suite has its own bathroom and tub. Two people will sleep in a crew cabin. Expect a professionally fitted galley and a work area below deck, as well as a sleek, light-and-dark-wood mix on a streamlined, gleaming white interior design approach that every luxurious boutique hotel will envy (and 7 feet to 7 feet, 9 inches of headroom other boaters will envy).
Wajer 77 Galley
The prestigious cabin facilities expand the Wajer line's capacities, but life on a Wajer is all about the outdoors. Also big numbers of passengers will lounge on the circular deck seating, bow deck sun pads, wide sofas, and an aft al fresco dining room. For water fun off-board, expect plenty of stowage for seabobs to electric surfboards, swimming to kite surfing gear, and more to join the Williams 325 Jet Tender.
Wajer 77 Aft View
“I have children, and we all enjoy spending time on the water. Brady added, "We spent Christmas and New Year's Eve onboard our Wajer; everybody loves it." “The 55S is a fantastic yacht, and it has served our family well. The 77, I believe, would be more tailored to what we use it for down here, which is a couple more day and weekend trips. In the Bahamas, we waste a lot of time. I'd like to have some wonderful weekend travel memories for my family.”
Brady wants to call his upcoming Wajer 77 yacht "Viva a Vida," the same name he uses for his current Wajer 55S. It's unclear whether he'll sell his 55-foot yacht or continue to captain both. However, the Brady 55S will make a fantastic piece of sports memorabilia!
Wajer 77 Upper View

77 Wajer Yacht

  • $6 million price tag (estimated)
  • Accommodations for up to 9 people, including 2 crew members.
  • Up to 20 passengers
  • 77 feet in length
  • 19-foot beam
  • 5 foot 9 inches draught
  • Aluminum fabrication for the hull
  • Three Volvo Penta IPS 1350hp diesel engines (optional), three Volvo Penta IPS 1200p diesel engines
  • Maximum Speed: 37 knots (about 43 mph)
  • 200 gallons of fuel capacity
  • 400nm is the wavelength range (about 460 statute miles)
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